Resource Dump for the Curious

3 April 2023

These are some things I've found useful or fun in the recent past.

Assets and Art Tools

Kenney has created thousands of free game assets. Incredibly useful especially for prototyping.

LOSPEC has a bunch of color palettes, pixel art tutorials, and resources. Shido Cyberneon is one of my favorite color palettes.

Aseprite is a pixel art and animation editor.

Blockbench is a low-poly 3D editor.

Fantasy Consoles and Game Libraries

TIC-80 is an open-source fantasy console mimicing 8-bit systems of old. All the tools you need to make games are included.

WASM-4 is an minimalist fantasy console targeting WebAssembly. WASM-4 is bot as mature as TIC-80 but fun nonetheless.

raylib is a minimalistic game development library. Easy-to-use and just plain fun.

Programming with Kids

Scratch is a visual programming language and a set of tools for kids to learn programming and share projects.

MakeCode Arcade is a set of tools for kids to learn programming and make games.

Miscellany is a game publishing platform for indie devs that has lots of creator friendly options.

The Vlambeer Toolkit is a great list of tools and talks for indie game developers.

- Jess